TREATING YOUR PET LIKE A MEMBER OF THE FAMILY is our motto and our first objective. Our Doctors continue their education each year with seminars, meetings and hands on training courses aimed at promoting preventative health care methods, reviewing new medications and improving the lives of our patients with the aid of modern technology.  We have added the endoscope, ultra sound, digital radiography and in house blood screening. Additionally we offer "after hours" emergency care, all with the needs of our patients and clients in mind.  We carry most medications in the office but also include an online store through our PET PORTAL for those items we don't keep in stock.  We can have medications compounded specific to your pet when needed.  Having a PET PORTAL allows our clients access to their pet's records anytime day or night.

Though the majority of our patients are dogs and cats, we care for a number of pocket pets (rats, gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, lizards and snakes) as well as rabbits, birds, turtles and even pygmy goats. We offer special vaccine and wellness examination packages for litters of puppies and kittens.

Dr. Abel Hittinger and Dr. Jobe Hittinger are brothers who grew up in Richland County attending Madison Local Schools.  They channeled their love for animals and decided on a career in Veterinary Medicine while still in Junior High School.  As teenagers they worked for a local veterinarian on weekends and summers starting from the ground up by walking dogs, cleaning kennels and observing animal care.  In college they majored in Animal Science and received their Bachelor of Science degrees from Ohio State University and went on to attend The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine.  After obtaining Veterinary Medical Licenses, they began their practice at Appleseed Valley Veterinary Hospital in 1998 and acquired Clearfork Veterinary Hospital in 2005.

Our family oriented clinic gives TLC to all our patients from those we have seen from birth to our geriatric friends having special needs. Appleseed Valley Veterinary Hospital, TREATING YOUR PET LIKE A MEMBER OF THE FAMILY.

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  • After Hours Emergencies: 419-884-1074
  • Abel Dylan Hittinger, D.V.M.

    Dr. Abel Hittinger and his wife Somer, live just outside Lexington on 10 acres of pasture and woods.  After graduating from Lexington High School with High Honors, his oldest daughter, Grace is now a student at The Ohio State University in Columbus. Through facetime Dr. Abel is still involved in homework and daily events with Grace. His next oldest daughter, Natalie, is a Senior at Lexington High School and involved in cheerleading. During the school year, Natalie and her dad have homework time every day.  Grace and Natalie are looking forward to beginning a nutrition based diet and exercise business together. Their dad is a big proponent of natural supplements and vitamins for both people and pets. Dr. Abel and Somer are both involved in lifting weights and exercise for health benefits. They try to carve out time for their energetic hobby around the needs of their 2 year old, Paisley and the newest family member, their son Jack.  Baby Jack is adored by his older sisters.

    The family currently has a one eyed Doberman named Winky that came to them through the wonderful rescue group, Hand Me Down Dobes.  Winky lost his eye as a young puppy and moves around as if it never happened.  He is a very loving boy with no grudges held against past circumstances. Their old girl, a floppy eared Chihuahua named Baby, has been with Somer since…well, since Baby was a baby and she certainly thinks she runs the household.  Winky doesn’t seem to mind and follows her cue as to when it is appropriate to bark at squirrels out the window.  Dr. Abel and Somer also have a skilled hunter, Max The Cat, who keeps varmints at bay with quickness, cunning and stealth. Max loves to follow Paisley around the yard and guards her faithfully as she swings.  Their other cats, Cookie and Milk-Way are geriatric brothers who are content to let Max do all the hard work.

    Dr. Abel and his family attend StorySide Church and he happily incorporates his faith into his love for God’s creatures. He spends many hours updating himself with new procedures online and in print as well as attending seminars and classes to expand his abilities to care for pets.  He has been a practicing veterinarian for over 20 years and looks forward to the next 20 years serving our patients.

    The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Jobe Adam Hittinger, D.V.M.

    Dr. Jobe Hittinger and his wife Kerri, live in Lexington Village on a quiet street with their two youngest daughters, Lain and Quinn. Lain just completed her first year of pre-school and is learned lots of songs to teach her little sister.  Dr. Jobe’s oldest daughter, Hannah finished her first year at Cincinnati University and will continue her education in the pursuit of a Nursing degree. She hopes to work with children and has volunteered at Cincinnati Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  She and her dad are best friends. Though she is physically hours away they continue their bonding time on the phone sharing the day’s highlights.  His son, Jacob is a Senior at Olentangy High School. Jacob won a coveted internship at the Columbus Zoo where he completes half of his school day Monday through Friday studying/reporting and charting animal behavior. Jacob wants to be a zoologist and would love to spend his career at the Columbus Zoo. He often assists his Dad and Uncle Abel at the office by working in the kennels.

    Dr. Jobe has a sweet Yellow Lab named Bella (having fallen in love with her while treating her broken leg).  She is getting older but still walks around the house carrying toys and swatting everyone with that ‘I’m so happy’ tail wag.  Izzy, their oldest cat, also had severe injuries. She was not as lucky in her healing as Bella and hobbles to get around. It does not keep her from the food dish however.  Macy and Puss are sister and brother cats who spend most of the day napping.  The youngest cat in the clan is Django.  He seems a little confused about the fact that he is a cat and thinks he should do whatever Bella the dog is doing inside or outside.  He is definitely the favorite kitty with Lain and Quinn as he follows them around and passively lets them hold him.

    Dr. Jobe and Kerri love the culinary arts and enjoy foodie walking tours when they can find the free time. He loves to cook, she loves to bake so they rarely cross swords in the kitchen.  This year Dr. Jobe will be attending an out of state seminar with a week’s worth of classes to continually sharpen his skills as a Veterinarian.  Every day brings a new opportunity to serve our patients and to get to know their owners.  After 20 years, Dr. Jobe still loves what he does!

    The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine