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  • Payment Policy

    Payment for office visits and outpatient care is required at the time of service. If your animal requires hospitalization, we provide an estimate of the cost of treatment. Half of the estimated amount is due when your pet is admitted and the balance upon discharge.

    Our receptionists can answer any questions you might have about fees for office visits, vaccinations, and routine health care.
  • Estimates for Diagnostics, Medical Treatment, & Surgery

    Following examination of your pet, the veterinarian in charge provides a written estimate of treatment costs. The estimate includes recommended laboratory tests, procedures, medications, supplies, nursing care, physical therapy, and hospitalization. The estimate reflects only the initial diagnostic and treatment plan. Your treatment decisions and other factors may affect the final bill.
  • Cost Updates

    Unforeseen problems and complications can mean additional hospitalization, treatments, procedures, and charges. You may contact client services at any point during your pets stay to receive an update on charges. Please be aware that the amount given is subject to change up until the time your pet is discharged from the hospital.
  • Payment Options

    We accept cash, personal check, and credit card (MasterCard, VISA, Discover,) payments. We are also currently accepting Care Credit payments.  Click on the following icon to access the application page. 

  • Insurance

    If your pet's health care is covered by insurance, please provide the name of the insurer and any necessary paperwork at the time of admission. Owners are responsible for payment to Appleseed Valley Veterinary Hospital and the insurance company will reimburse you directly. We cannot assume responsibility for denied claims.